Outsmart Your Brain: How to Master Your Mind When Emotions Take the Wheel

This book is the 2nd Edition with updates in the science on emotions and presence, new sections on having meaningful conversations and stronger relationships, and additional exercises to increase your mental mastery.

“Change your thoughts, change your behavior” has long been the mantra for the personal growth movement. Yet no matter how hard you try, there are times you can’t to stop the mental chatter that leads to needless arguing, tension, frustration, and eventually a numbing process that restricts access to your joy and passion.

Why can’t you stop the noise? You are under the spell of your over-protective brain.

To feel more energy, stimulate creativity, strengthen relationships, and live healthier, more joyful lives, you have to be smarter than your brain. Once you know how your brain works, you can consciously choose how you want to feel and act. Knowing how to shift your emotional states at will is the most important factor in achieving success and happiness.

Outsmart Your Brain is full of exercises, examples and guidelines that teach you how to tap into your hidden mental powers to make better decisions and establish powerful connections with others.

Read this book to…

  • Become emotionally “self-aware”
  • Make good choices when consumed by emotions
  • Understand what triggers the emotions of others
  • Improve leadership, coaching, and conflict-resolution skills
  • Use insight and empathy to inspire engagement, creativity, and results

Learn how your brain works, then outsmart it.


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