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Take the Deep Leap with Dr. Marcia Reynolds

Marcia’s keynotes get rave reviews because they both inspire and teach. She engages the audience to think differently and act courageously.  Choose a topic below and contact us to talk about how we can customize the content for your audience.

You can access Marcia’s Speaking Brochure by clicking here. Email Marcia for a high-resolution version of the speaker packet or a Bureau-Friendly version at You can also read what people have said about her speaking here.


Transformational Conversations: How to Quickly Connect, Influence, and Uplift

In today’s busy and unpredictable world, how to instantly connect with people is more important than the words you carefully choose. This is especially true for difficult conversations where you want people to change their behavior. Your intentions, emotions, and regard for the person will affect the outcome. Then, your listening position will not only build rapport, you will discover what words to use to move people forward. This keynote will shift your thinking about how long it takes to change people’s minds and what you need to listen for to makes a long-lasting and meaningful difference.

  • Replace superficial exchanges with revolutionary conversations that inspire engagement and innovation
  • Apply innovative relational strategies using reflective techniques and full-body presence
  • Learn the steps necessary for building trust, safety, and the willingness to explore possibilities in difficult conversations

Learn how the power of connection can enlighten and uplift those you are with.


The Discomfort Zone: Turn Difficult Conversations into Positive Results

Managing difficult conversations and knowing how to get good results from emotionally charged moments are critical skills for everyone. If done the right way, you can change lives as well as minds of the people you are with. And they always remember the leader who had the courage to help them see how powerful they can be.

Do you want to be the leader who made a difference in the lives of your employees?

  • Create rapport, connection, and trust using the “The Safety Bubble” technique
  • Decode disruptive patterns using the “Discomfort Zone Model” to foster reflective thinking, frame-shattering awareness, and growth beyond limitations
  • Improve employee engagement, creativity, and bottom-line results with your conversational powers

Outsmart Your Brain: How to Master Your Mind When Emotions Take the Wheel

You can either be the master of your brain or a victim of your emotional reactions. Your brain can get the best of you when you are under pressure, irritated, or just plain busy.  This keynote includes interactive exercises to immediately help you ease your tension, settle arguments, and help everyone you are with succeed.

  • Learn how to “catch your emotions” before you react.
  • Determine the circumstances that are likely to trigger your emotions and judgments.
  • Apply a 4-Step Process to powerfully shift your emotions and connect with others energetically.
  • Design your life so you are the master of your mind and actions.

Success Strategies for Women with Dreams

Most women work hard to realize their highest potential yet the pursuit often leaves them feeling more exhausted than proud. The resolution isn’t in managing time. The challenge is to focus their energy on their purpose, to choose who they want to be and how they want to feel when speaking up, and to maximize their gifts and talents without being overwhelmed by commitments. When women learn and practice these abilities, they feel more balanced and satisfied even when their day is full. The audience will learn how to:

  • Release the Burden of Greatness while maintaining passion and drive.
  • Identify and claim inner strengths to fire-up resiliency and achieve more desired results.
  • Strengthen relationships, maximize influence, and create a powerful presence by choosing how to show up and be heard.

Hire Dr. Reynolds to Better Connect, Influence, & Activate Change!


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