The Art of Working Together: How to Align Your Team for Extraordinary Results

What is the difference between a group of individuals and a team? A team works in harmony, connecting the strengths of the individuals with the shared purpose of the team. Without this alignment, the team can hurt productivity instead of inspiring it, especially if the team is made of smart, strong high-achievers. This presentation shares the essential steps for creating the glue that bonds individuals so they become a top performing team that enjoys working together.

Participants will experience how to:

  • Focus on their combined strengths instead of individual differences
  • Discover a common identity and purpose
  • Define their future and create agreements to help keep them on track
  • Enjoy the journey together

The participants will leave the workshop eager to implement what they learn with their teams back at work.

This program can be delivered half-day workshop or a dynamic retreat with intact teams.

Topics to choose from (all programs are customized depending on the team’s needs):

1. The difference between individual and team success

2. Defining your team identity

  • Personal contribution (strengths/gifts/talents)
  • Team Identity

3. Defining Your Team’s Purpose

4. Creating a Team Vision

5. Creating Team Agreements

6:   Emotional Awareness and Impact on Communications and Relationships

7:  Effective Communication (understanding personal style)

8: Social Intelligence and Conflict Resolution

9: Giving Feedback

10: Dealing with Ambiguity (communicating under pressure when outcomes are unknown)



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