Working Late Makes You Stupid

New research shows that productivity levels and creativity not only drop when we are tired, but that a good night’s sleep is required for learning. John Steinbeck said, “It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it.” The brain…
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Why Practice Can’t Make Perfect

The brain’s primary purpose is to make sure we survive. Therefore, it is much better at handling variable instead of repetitive tasks. Ever wonder why even Tiger Woods overshoots a putt? Or why the #1 NBA free throw shooter won’t hit every shot? A new study out of Stanford University claims that our brains make…
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Passion Quest

Logic makes us think. Emotions make us act. Passion inspires from the inside out. When you feel: CALM & CLEAR Your life is: Smooth & Focused When you feel: GRATEFUL & HAPPY Your life is: Productive and Creative When you feel: PASSIONATE Your life is: Energized, Connected and Miraculous Do you want to your life…
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Creating The AHA moment

Countless stories tell of the famous inventors who made their greatest discovery not by trial and error, but when playing with their children, eating a meal, or by taking a nap and dreaming. How do these moments occur ? What goes on in the brain to create the AHA experience? Rarely does an “AHA” moment…
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