The Burden of Greatness

He looked tired, sad and smaller than I ever remembered him to be. I wanted to shake him, to shock him, and to tell him to stand up and fight like he had always taught me to do. Yet every time I started to argue with him, he turned off his hearing aid and said…
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The Clues for Growth Are in the Complaints

Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson has been a best-selling book for years. The modern-day fable has helped many people accept 1) change is inevitable, 2) if you do not change aspects of your life they become stale and possibly toxic, and that 3) the sooner you can adapt and enjoy change, the…
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Do Men and Women Worry Differently?

You worry too much” is a phrase women often hear from men. However, recent studies using new imaging techniques have identified different patterns of worrying. It seems that women DO NOT worry more than men. They just worry differently. When women worry, they tend to use both the right and left side of their brains.…
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This is Your Brain on Unfairness

Have you ever had a knee-jerk reaction to someone who cuts in front of you on the road (or should I say finger-jerk reaction)? How about glaring at the person who has too many items in the express lane at the grocery store? Or fantasizing about gluing the mouth shut of the person who interrupts…
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Even Managers Sing the Blues About Change

“Even those professionals that really welcome change and are energized by it also find it difficult and stressful to deal with.” –Hank Paulson, former chief executive of Goldman Sachs. THE PROBLEM: Although some people like making changes, no one likes being changed. Generally, change management issues focus on employee groups. But what about the managers…
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