You Have to Let Go to Move Forward

Sometimes we get so busy we forget how to enjoy life. In fact, there is too much going on that we don’t even stop to ask this question. If life doesn’t feel too exciting, you can take advantage of this time to kick back, reflect, and clear out the clutter in your life.

Ask yourself, what do you need to let go of to free yourself to move forward? This includes some parts of your life that used to work well but may be vulnerable to getting stale, like business plans, relationship habits, and your health regime.

For starters, consider this possible “Not To Do Anymore” list. Add your own items to help clear out your life.

__ Let go of doing my email first thing in the morning.

__ Let go of comparing my success to someone else’s.

__ Let go of meeting my parent’s, my spouse’s, or my friend’s expectations.

__ Let go of having to do it all myself. Hire someone NOW to help. Give up the lattes to help pay for the help.

__ Let go of the people who are helping you but are not doing a good job.

__ Let go of your wardrobe. The clothes look funny now.

__ Let go of eating junk food.

__ Let go of going to parties you don’t want to go to.

__ Let go of staying home when it really is easy to get out and meet people.

__ Let go of thinking no one wants to meet you and start smiling at people.

__ Let go of blaming others for your lousy job or relationships.

__ Let go of telling people what they want to hear.

__ Let go of caring what everyone thinks of you.

__ Let go of the stuff you are saving in your garage and bottom drawers.

__ Let go of blaming the economy.

__ Let go of playing small.

__ Let go of thinking that money is the problem.

__ Let go of friends and clients that are a drag.

__ Let go of doubting yourself.

__ Let go of your old dreams.

__ Let go of your fear of trying something new.

__ Let go of not having the money for a personal coach. Make the phone call today.

What else do you need to let go of? Familiar routines and processes? Isn’t it time for a fresh approach?

Now, after you clear your space, make a list of your gifts and talents. Determine how you are using them today and how you can better use them in the future.

Spend this weekend clearing out and letting go. Then Sunday night, let go of cleaning the kitchen and doing your email before you go to bed. Get a good night’s rest. But before you go to sleep, write the words “curious, excited, and hopeful” on a piece of paper that you will see shortly after you wake up.

If your memory was erased while you were asleep, what do you think your heart would tell you to do with your day when you wake up? Clean up your life and see what magic shows up.
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