Why most management training doesn’t work

Research indicates that employees join companies but leave leaders. How leaders think– which shows up in how they speak to people, embrace challenges, handle their emotions under pressure, and create environments of excitement and trust– has more impact on profitability, productivity, retention, and workplace satisfaction than on their technical or “management skills.”

“People management” is perceived as the primary weakness among organizational leaders.Conversely, a leader’s ability to communicate and use a coaching approach to resolving problems increases his or her capacity to get results, foster increased work satisfaction, build trust, and aid in retention.

Instead of just teaching skills, leaders can learn how to better think about situations so they can better choose what to say and do.

Dr. Reynolds incorporates Strategic Thinking and Coaching Mindset modules in all of her programs. She specifically adapts these models, demonstrations, and exercises to the challenges leaders face in defusing defensiveness, giving and receiving feed­back, offering “straight talk,” managing expectations, and creating and expressing value for others. The insights and skills can be used in many situations both at work, and in life.

In customizing her programs, she may use self-assessments, role- and real-playing coaching sessions, and breakout dialogue groups to explore how to apply new ways of thinking on the job. By the end of her programs, participants feel confident they can apply their insights to difficult situations as well as plan and manage the dynamics of improving the performance of their workforce.

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