Transformational Coaching- The Ultimate Guide to Success

Learning new concepts and attaining knowledge is a fundamental aspects of being human. Whether or not you think you like to learn, you are constantly learning new things about others and your environment in order to adapt to new situations in life.

However learning about yourself is another story. It is very difficult to develop self-awareness. It is even harder to see your own blind spots, resistance, and gaps.  This is the reason why a coach can make a significant contribution to your success

A coach is not a teacher that explains new concepts or someone who tells you about the mantra of success, although you will get encouragement and some sage advice from your coach. Your coach is in fact a person that spots your weaknesses, your gaps in judgment, your rationalizations for unproductive behaviors and the reasons you aren’t moving forward when you should.  This is what Dr. Marcia Reynolds has been doing for her clients for years through her revolutionary concept of transformational coaching.

Many people have a misconception that coaching is not for everyone. In reality, coaching is for every person who wants to overcome his distractions and achieve new heights. In the professional and corporate world, one must master the art of effective leadership in order to attain success and transformational coaching does exactly that.

Effective leadership is about setting good objectives, choosing and simplifying processes, strengthening interpersonal skills and monitoring results. However, business environments are dynamic where situations and circumstances change within a fraction of second. No pre-planned goal or results can be achieved unless the leader is ready to face these challenges.

Transformational coaching programs focus more on the barriers, or why a person is not effectively able to achieve the goals instead of determining goals and using traditional methods of problem solving to find solutions. Instead of giving solutions, transformational coaches look at the root of the problems with clients so the problems don’t reappear. Transformational coaching helps the client remove mental blockages and create new perspective so the leader sees solutions to problems on their own, even during their busy, chaotic days. With this type of coaching, thinking and behavior changes forever, not just one problem at a time.

Of course it does help one enhance and polish leadership skills. It is good to have a coach who has been a leader and who teaches leadership skills as well as coaches. Dr. Marcia Reynolds and her coaches all have solid experience both as leaders and teachers as well as extensive training, experience and certifications in coaching.

So all in all, gaining success and becoming a corporate leader can happen more quickly than you dreamed with the help of transformational coaching.
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