The Top 6 Ways You Can Drain Your Energy At Work….And How You Can Choose to Stay Living While You’re Alive

1. Focus on what you can’t control.

When you focus on what you can’t control, like the work styles of others and the economy, you have little energy left to create. Focus instead only on what you can control, like taking care of yourself, meeting the goals that excite you, and discovering what you can delegate.

2. Hold on too tightly to what you thought would happen.

Clinging to your expectations blocks out possibilities. We all have pictures of what we thought our careers and lives would look like at a certain point. Then life intervenes but we don’t change the picture, setting us up for frustration and disappointment. Taking what you have today, draw a new vision for your future. Then choose to fine tune your vision on a regular basis.

3. Don’t ask for help.

What a burden having to know and do everything for yourself. Asking for help doesn’t make you look weak. It’s a strength knowing how to best use your resources.

4. Listen to your brain.

The brain was designed to protect us, so it is often on the lookout for the worst possible scenarios so there are no surprises. Don’t let your brain speak so loud that you don’t see all your options. Instead, find a quiet place. Write down everything that your brain is telling you in the moment. Then investigate the truth of these statements. Is that manager really an idiot or could there be gaps in the communication flow? Are those people really apathetic or could they be reacting to feeling left out of the decision-making process? Brainstorm all possibilities before you decide which ones are best to act on.

5. Take yourself seriously.

Taking your work seriously is admirable. Taking yourself seriously is a joke. If you’re going to laugh at all of this someday anyway, why not start now?

6. Forget to say thank you.

You’ll be amazed at how much of what is going on around you is good. Thank the cashier in the grocery store for working quickly. Thank the post office for having enough clerks during rush hour. Thank your muscles for being healthy when you are painfully exercising. Shift your energy to gratitude, even humor, and you’ll lighten up your load.
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