How to Get Others to Notice You Changed

One of the most frustrating habits of long-time friends is how they see you as you were years ago. Unfortunately, managers and team members do the same thing, neglecting to notice you changed. Not … [Read more...]

Why Feedback Doesn’t Work, and What to Do Instead

There are common misconceptions in the workplace around the definition and value of feedback. Feedback is generally focused on finding fault. The “helpful” information you give people often raises … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Leaders Give for Avoiding Important Conversations

Leaders who avoid conversations that could be difficult are missing the best opportunities to help others grow. They rationalize their reluctance and then claim their excuses are "undeniable truths." … [Read more...]

How to Stay Present in Difficult Conversations When People Get Emotional

Before you hold what you believe will be a difficult conversation, it is important to set your emotional intention. What do you want to feel throughout the conversation? What do you want the other … [Read more...]

How Do You Know if People Trust You?

You may be the most unquestioning, benevolent leader around but people may not trust you.I was teaching a coaching class to a group of leaders in a bank. I had to practically bribe someone to … [Read more...]
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