How to Get Others to Notice You Changed

One of the most frustrating habits of long-time friends is how they see you as you were years ago. Unfortunately, managers and team members do the same thing, neglecting to notice you changed. Not … [Read more...]

The Critical Factor in Relationship Success

There is one factor that will make or break a connection in both personal and professional relationships. Also, the degree that this factor exists determine how well you can cooperate, resolve … [Read more...]

10 Signs You Are Not Using Your Emotional Intelligence

You were born with the ability to recognize when you are experiencing an emotion. Most small children will readily tell you what they are feeling and can strategically choose to express themselves at … [Read more...]

5 Steps for Dealing with Negative and Cynical People

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone we worked with lifted our spirits with their enthusiasm and good humor? You might say yes but realize this is a hallucination. Or you might say no because relentlessly … [Read more...]

The Secret to Profound Conversations

Humans are social animals so we long to connect with others. The irony is that what makes us human tends to keep us apart. By nature, our conversations are filled with misunderstandings, mixed … [Read more...]
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