Speech Coaching to Create Powerful, Engaging Presentations

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To be a powerful speaker, you have to know how to shift people at an emotional level through your words and your style.

What makes the difference between earning mild approval and having people push there way up to the front to talk to you at the end of your presentation? Your ability to engage and move people at an emotional level.

In order for people to hear your words, to “take your message to heart” and then implement the behaviors you suggest, you must use techniques to create the desire to change. Facts and examples aren’t enough.

As your speaking coach, I will help you to improve:

  • The format and delivery of your stories
  • The flow of your speech, with the main elements placed appropriately
  • The energy you project, including your authenticity and your ability to be present to the moment regardless of circumstances

As a result, people will remember your message, practice your techniques, hire you for additional work and buy more of your products.

My clients include public speakers, executives, sales professionals, authors, coaches, attorneys and physicians.

People have worked with me a variety of ways:

  1. Send me an video and/or audio of your speech or particular stories, then we work over the phone. I will charge you for the time to review your material, but I will keep it to a minimum that we decide on together.
  2. Send me a video of your work if you have it, then fly in for a day of consulting, where you will get focused time using video feedback to take your speaking to the next level. You can stay at my retreat center. For this level of coaching, I do not charge extra for viewing the video.
  3. By phone, we have a session first where we go over your speech and story ideas, then you work with them based on my suggestions. Then we meet by phone for two to six more sessions to hone the work (depending on the depth of your needs; you decide).

I look forward to the opportunity of helping you be a fabulous speaker. Contact me for more information.

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