Mind Over Body

Dr. Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion, is a leading neuroscientist who has found scientific proof that links our thoughts and emotions to our physical health. In her recent audiotape program, Your Body Is Your Subconscious Mind, she describes recent studies with patients with multiple personalities.

Researchers have found that people with multiple personality disorders literally have different bodies with each personality. For example, one personality might have a severe allergy while the other personalities having no allergies at all. One personality is near-sighted, another is far-sighted and a third has perfect vision. Looking at antibodies in blood draws just five minutes apart show great immune reactions to no immune reactions.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO US: “Consciousness creates reality,” Pert says. “Depending on what mind is in the body, the body changes.” She further states that since emotions are what caused the personalities to split in the first place, they are a major factor in creating the physical states experienced by each personality. How we experience life has much to do with what emotions we have locked in our bodies and the emotions that are triggered in any given moment.

This research demonstrates that we have the power to heal ourselves, feel better and choose how we want to experience life. What we think is fixed—our body structures, ailments, mental acuity, appetites, and dependencies—are actually fluid, affected by our mental states. Humans are constantly shifting from one state of body to another.

TIP: Learn how to hear what is going at an emotional level in your body. With this information, you can begin to understand what is guiding your life. Frequently ask your body what it needs. Seek to discover the possible emotional sources of physical and mental difficulties and immune system breakdowns. Determine what is most valuable and important in your life, then assess when these items are being threatened or ignored. Consider hiring a personal coach to help you explore what is missing and to determine how to re-align yourself with your values and passion.

Above all else, BELIEVE that you have the power to mold yourself and your life to match your dreams.

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