Keynotes, Workshops and Coaching Programs

Marcia and her team of coaches work with leaders world-wide to increase their abilities to influence and uplift others. As a result, conversations are more meaningful as well as effective.

Keynotes & Workshops
Marcia Reynolds, PsyD amuses, inspires and fascinates her audiences as she translates the latest discoveries of how the brain works into workable strategies for dealing with the most difficult leadership challenges. Topics include how to: master your brain, have transformational leadership conversations, create emotional engagement, improve your leadership presence, and deepen coaching skills for more powerful results.

Leadership Coaching
Do you need a “thinking partner” to help you make your best decisions? We offer personal coaching focused on assisting leaders and high-potential employees to improve their effectiveness and strengthen their relationships. We also provide team coaching focused on aligning energies toward a common purpose and then achieving goals at an accelerated pace.

Programs for Women
Coaching and workshops especially designed for smart, strong, goal-driven women to stay on course and achieve their desired results.

Video Training Programs through Geniecast

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