Emotional Engagement for Leaders: How to Connect, Influence, and Uplift

“People want you to be present more than they need you to be perfect. Stop, listen, and see.”

Most employees today, especially Millennials, want frequent, two-way conversations with their leaders that help them feel emotionally engaged with their work. Leaders who know when and how to connect with individuals and teams not only earn loyalty and trust, they create an environment that supports creativity and innovation.

These programs teach leaders to be more aware of the impact they have on others and how to choose words, actions and emotions to inspire others to excel. From handling a difficult conversation to creating an encouraging workplace, participants will learn how to keep positive energy moving forward at work.

This program can be delivered as an inspiring keynote or a 1- or 2-day training program.

Based on your needs, topics could include:

♦  Beyond emotional intelligence – transforming negative situations into positive results

  • Look at the increasing need for emotional engagement in today’s workplace
  • Identify how the emotional brain can either hinder or help change efforts
  • Learn the three essential elements for establishing rapport and building trust: intention, emotions, and respect

♦  Developing your leadership presence

  • Become emotionally “self-alert”
  • Shift, set and maintain the emotional tone of a conversation
  • Identify your own emotional triggers and manage them during a conversation

♦  How to listen to people so they feel engaged and willing to explore with you

  • Shift your listening positions to identify triggers in others
  • Understand and work with other people’s emotions in a conversation
  • Use mirroring and powerful questions to shift someone’s perspective

♦  Managing change

  • Identify the three points of resistance: willingness, desire and courage
  • Change the perspective of a conversation from problems to possibilities
  • Practice using emotional intelligence to shift a negative conversation into positive results

♦  Creating a connecting culture

  • Deliver an inspiring vision
  • Cultivate an environment where engaged listening is everyday practice
  • Create your personal development plan to embed your skills


A sample 2-day program includes:

Day 1

I.   Being Emotionally Self-Alert

  • Understand the emotional brain and its effects on behavior
  • Identify how emotional states show up in your body
  • Discover your primary emotional triggers and options for action

II.    Developing Awareness of Emotional Sources in Others

  • Learn how to build trust and rapport
  • Understand and use the three levels of listening
  • Develop leadership presence to increase your impact

III.   Influencing Change

  • Identify the three factors needed to sustain change
  • Uncover emotional attachments in others that could hinder change
  • Shift the emotions of others from negative to positive to decrease time for change to take place

Day 2

IV.   Coaching for Breakthrough

  • Adapt the DREAM model to coach people through change
  • Listen for blocks and opportunities
  • Practice breakthrough coaching techniques

V.    Delivering an Inspiring Vision

  • Address needs and pain in an inspiring way
  • Craft a compelling story
  • Ensure follow-through

VI.   Self-management

  • Practice energy management
  • Be mindful of your inlook and outlook
  • Use personal visioning to ensure the changes you want to make “stick”
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