Just Say No to Techno

I’m sure you are painfully aware that our techno-toys have added more work instead of taking some away. Email, cell phones, pagers and the latest gadgets are bombarding us with too many messages for our brains to handle and eating up all our free time.

Technology can run 24-7. We cannot. The problem is that sooner or later we hit psychological overload, making us feeling overwhelmed, crabby, burnt-out and confused.

It’s time we say “no to techno” and recapture our lives. We need rest, fun, exercise and good meals to operate smoothly. Our minds and bodies need regular tune-ups. You need to feel balanced and truly present to the situations you are facing to get the results you desire.

Put fun on your “to do” list. Take a playground break; playing on a swing is a great way to relieve stress. Meet a friend for lunch. Buy yourself a cool hat or belt. Schedule a day to play hooky.

Then, when in your office, you need time to think clearly and creatively. When working on a project, turn off all techno-distractions such as your computer and telephones. It’s too tempting to check for incoming email when the computer is on. It’s hard not to answer a ringing phone.

While meeting with someone or connecting by telephone, make your surroundings quiet and free from interruptions. There is nothing more demotivating than having the person you are speaking to treat you as if their phone or computer is more important than you.

Finally, know when you are done for the day. Kick yourself out of the office on time. Don’t bring work home, mentally or physically. Go in early if you have to, but give yourself a life after work.

Remember, the more centered you feel in life the more successful you will be at work. Use your technology wisely. Don’t let it abuse you. Say no to living a techno-life. Say yes to feeling human.

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