It’s Not Reality; It’s Only Your Brain

The brain’s primary job is to protect you. Therefore, most people tend to be pessimistic. They see the worst case scenario and conjure up all possibilities when the worst occurs (and the media loves to play into this drama).

In times of downturns, chaos and fear, what can you do to keep your head above water? Many people are doing quite well. I am having my most successful year ever. What can you do to rise above the muddy waters to stay in the light of possibility? Here’s a few quick ideas:

  • Stay away from people who only talk gloom and doom. Then make sure you have a “community of climbers” around you who want to keep climbing up the cliff together. They will see where to grab and place their feet in order to get to the top where others only see a wall.
  • When you look at your checkbook or the price at the gas station pump, shift into gratitude to decrease the fear and anger. What do you have that most people in this world do not have? What possibilities lie before you?
  • Where will the world be in ten years really? Remember that ten years ago we were just figuring out how to access the Internet and use cell phones. What is the real potential that is moving behind all this crazy stuff that is tossing and turning our world? What gift lies in this moment that will change your life forever? What great things lie ahead? What can you do right now to make the changes work for you?

Tell your brain, “Thank you for protecting me, and I am fine.” It’s only your brain. It is not the truth.
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