How Millennials are Forcing a Shift in Leadership

Millennials will soon represent the bulk of the workforce. Development programs and succession plans will be key to retaining them. Yet these employees don’t just want to develop skills, they want their brains developed. While previous generations valued leaders that showed compelling visions and smart decision making, millennials want be given work that is seen as significant and to be developed for future possibilities in frequent, two-way conversations with their leaders.. What leaders say is important but how they listen is more critical if they want to engage millennial workers.

In this program, leaders will learn how to make necessary shifts to engage millennials, inspire employees across all generations, and achieve greater innovation, achievements, and growth. The program gives your leaders and high potentials:

  • What employees expect from their leaders today and why.
  • A look at the shift from Hierarchy vs Connecting Cultures
  • Which skills leaders need to develop to engage and retain today’s employees
  • What values do leaders need to shift to be successful in developing the skills

Although many leaders say they don’t have the time to attend training and develop new skills, they will have less time to do their work if they are constantly hiring new employees to fill in for those who leave or they have to “keep on top of” the disgruntled employees who aren’t getting their needs met.

This program can be offered as a keynote and a workshop. This workshop combines exercises to stimulate conversation, small group reflection on the changing nature of leadership, and an accountability process to aid the leaders in making the shift critical to success today and into the future.
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