Clips from Talk Show Interviews

PODCAST INTERVIEW with Wanda Wallace on her program for leaders, Out of the Comfort Zone -To grow and to expand your responsibility, leaders have to lean in to discomfort. That means changing some practices like not using time as an excuse for telling versus leading, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and learning to nudge your employees into discomfort also without pushing them over the edge. Tune in to hear the tactics and advice for yourself and for leading your team.

RADIO INTERVIEW with BFM: The Business Radio Station of Malaysia on The Discomfort Zone:


Why does coaching work? How do you stop an addiction to achievement? Can you show me how to “outsmart my brain?” Marcia Reynolds is frequently asked to answer questions like this on talk shows and news programs. These clips are from both national and local new programs, including ABC World News. Contact us for more information.

Watch Marcia do an interview for C-Suite TV discussing her new book, The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs.
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