Author Suggests the Brain Can Be Trained

Athletes learn how to train their brains to achieve peak performance. As an expert in achievement, the author found that when athletes described the concept of “being in the zone,” they also revealed a source of extreme happiness. They weren’t speaking of winning, but were recounting the ecstasy they felt in the moment. She concluded that a path to happiness could be found in following the steps for achieving peak performance.

Everyone can experience bliss. Regardless of the circumstance—whether making a critical business presentation, tending a garden, reliving memories with an old friend or making love by firelight—the magic can happen.

However, most people claim “being in the zone” and experiencing extreme joy is a random miracle. The search for happiness is endless, but the feeling is rare. Based on her research, coaching and teaching thousands of people through her international seminars, Reynolds found that you can truly reprogram the brain to achieve higher states of joy. Delight can be invoked at will, every day, in work and at play.

Reynold’s book, Capture the Rapture: How To Step out of Your Head and Leap into Life teaches how to seize control of your happiness. Reynolds blends strategies, assignments, games, examples, and stories designed to release passion and spark creative energy. In the vein of The Joy of Cooking and The Joy of Sex, this book provides recipes for the Joy of Living. Consume this book. You’ll feel vibrant, revived by the power of a love affair with life.

This spring, Capture the Rapture: How to Get Out of Your Head and Leap into Life won the Glyph Award for Best Self-Help from the Arizona Speakers Association, and the IPPY as Finalist, Best Self-Help from the Independent Book Publishers Association.

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