5 Steps to Prosper in a Downsizing Economy

When the economy slows down, so does our motivation. It’s hard to bounce back from job layoffs, business disappointments, and the heartbreak of lost dreams.

“When self-talk doesn’t work, you have to be smarter than your brain,” says Marcia Reynolds, president of the executive coaching firm, Covisioning and author of the new business book, Outsmart Your Brain! How to Make Success Feel Easy. Through her research in brain functioning, Reynolds found that the primary purpose of our brains is to protect us. Therefore, instead of creatively looking for opportunities, we spend much of our time scanning the horizon for the possibility of harm. As a result, we see only the negative aspects of the economy, we focus on doomsday reports and we seek others who will commiserate about what’s wrong with our company, our government and the world at large.

You have to clear your mind to see beyond your frustration and fear. You have retrain your brain to succeed.

5 Steps to Retrain Your Brain

  1. Stop, Look and Listen. Before you complain, say no or just give up, take a deep breath. Step back from your thoughts so you can view them as if they were displayed on a movie screen.
  2. Get to the Source. Ask yourself what are you afraid of losing, really? Your only source of income? Your respect? The admiration of others?
  3. Seek the Truth. Is it true? Will you never find work again? Will people think you are a failure? Does this mean you will never be a success? Of course not. Let go of these thoughts.
  4. Crank Up Your Creativity. Now that you know what is true, that you will find work, that this loss doesn’t mean you’re a failure, what other possibilities can you see for yourself? Open up and daydream.
  5. Trust. How many times have you gotten something better after you didn’t get what you wanted in the first place? Trust that everything will turn out, often for the best. Be brave.

From Outsmart Your Brain! How to Make Success Feel Easy


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