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Can you identify the crucial moments of connection?
There are crucial moments in your conversations that could trigger trust or disgust. There are tipping points that can transform lives. You have the power to make a huge difference in these moments. Look inside this site to discover how you can access this power to influence and uplift others through your emotional energy as well as your words.

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How to Develop the Courage to Be Sensitive

The cutting words, "Don't be so sensitive," have characterized being sensitive as a weakness when it is actually a strength. It … [Read More...]

The Greatest Fear Effective Leaders Have

When I teach coaching skills for leaders, I do a demonstration for the participants so they can see how the skills fit together … [Read More...]

10 Signs You Are Not Using Your Emotional Intelligence

You were born with the ability to recognize when you are experiencing an emotion. Most small children will readily tell you what … [Read More...]

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