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Can you identify the crucial moments of connection?
There are crucial moments in your conversations where you can trigger people to see and act differently. In these moments, you can transform lives. Look inside this site to discover how you can access this power to influence and uplift others. You will find resources that show you how to create trust in difficult conversations, facilitate insight, and inspire others to grow and change.

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The Best Compliment You Can Get as a Leader

He knows me. She gets me. He cares. She’s real.These comments represent the best compliment leaders, or anyone, can get. They … [Read More...]

What is Psychological Safety and How You Can Psychologically Create It

I teach leadership for a global corporation that starts each day with a “Safety Moment.” The exercise is designed to decrease … [Read More...]

How to Get Others to Notice You Changed

One of the most frustrating habits of long-time friends is how they see you as you were years ago. Unfortunately, managers and … [Read More...]

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