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Why Won’t People Do What Is Best for Themselves?
Many people want to be better at who they are and what they do, but their brains get in the way of their development. You can help them override the brain’s automatic processing and realize amazing results. Look inside to discover the latest research in learning and new techniques for holding breakthrough conversations.

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Man Walking up Ladder to Clouds

How Do You Get People to Step Up?

You want people to step up, take on more responsibility, and think things through more fully. You and almost every leader (and … [Read More...]

Businesswoman with Arms Outstretched

Spirituality and Employee Engagement: It’s not about religion

I don't think work-life balance is the most-important factor for people feeling engaged on the job. Yes employees appreciate … [Read More...]


Why Does it Take a Crisis to Change?

Your brain isn’t just resistant to change; it is lazy. In order to define who you are and make sense of the world around you in an … [Read More...]

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